Digital Literacy

Guiding Resources:

Data Visualization information from The New York Times and


Complete the initial student survey

  • Students create a data visualization autobiography  – using IBM’s “Many Eyes” or Google Docs Draw (other similar software is also acceptable), Wordle, Tagzedo, or basic graphic design software like “Pages” for the Mac. You can also try this elementary level site, Graphic Map to help you get started. You may also use Prezi, Timeline, or another site that you find.
    • these need not be printed but instead should be uploaded to Edmodo
    • Rubric


Group work:
  • create informational posters, with a single focus or tip for use, for display in computer labs and/or classrooms in the school – due uploaded as a PDF to Edmodo
    • Rubric = Contrast, Alignment, Proximity, Repetition, and Communicate a single clear message – 100 points

Kobayashi Maru (extra credit toward this assignment)

talk to school technology coordinator about what message he would like to have communicated in the computer labs – you will need to provide evidence of this


You will turn in 2 products for this unit.

1) Your visual autobiography (must be more than just a Wordle)

2) a computer lab poster you complete with a partner

Student samples:

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 12.05.36 PM


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