Semester-long – personal action

What issues do you see in our community (school, neighborhood, town, state, country, etc.) that you want to change?

This is your opportunity to deepen your understanding and teach others what you have learned.

This course is different from other high school English classes in that it requires students to be able to read, write, and create for a variety of different purposes. This project helps give students greater exposure to areas and topics that students are interested in but don’t necessarily have the time to learn about during a typical school day.
C – Community and current events
R – Reading
A – Audio – music, lecture, podcasts, etc. (try iTunes for podcasts and iTunes U lectures)
V – Visual – film, art, etc.
E – Exercise
  • Choose a community issue. Let me know via Edmodo what your issue is before Tuesday, 1/22.
  • Begin collecting digital information on that community issue (news articles, videos, parodies, songs, artwork, podcast, recorded interview, etc.)
  • Keep a digital portfolio of all of your collected digital artifacts as a category in your Word Press blog for the CRAVE unit.
  • Every week (due Wednesdays at 11:59 P.M., beginning February 20th) you will create a new post in WordPress that has a link to one of each (R., A.,V.) type of artifact and a two paragraph write-up of each artifact. (You will do this for 6 weeks, so you will have created an annotated bibliography with 6 sources, 2 of each type)
    • paragraph one is a summary of the artifact (use this format to construct your summary)
    • paragraph two is for your personal observations – what did you find interesting, inspiring, etc. that will help you solve the problem you have identified?

  • At the beginning of April you will begin the exercise portion of your project
  • The EXERCISE is that, based on your research, you will come up with a detailed means of solving the community issue. You will create a video or multimedia presentation that you show to the class and post on your WordPress blog.

Here is a simplified checklist to help you proceed:

  1. Identify a community issue or problem that concerns you.
  2. Write a research question.
  3. Each week, submit an annotated bibliography on one source that answers your research question.
  4. The annotated bibliography will be in your WordPress blog; each entry (30 points per entry) will be a separate post and be entered in the category “CRAVE project” in your blog.
  5. By the spring (April) you should have:
        • 2 readings
        • 2 audio sources
        • 2 visual sources
  1. In April you will record a podcast that offers a solution the problem you identified. Your solution must have been inspired by your ongoing research.
    1. 100 points will be awarded based on:
      1. 3 minute recorded podcast
      2. posting your podcast (you can use SoundCloud) on your WordPress blog
  2. You will resubmit your full annotated bibliography for 120 points. (20 points per source)
  3. After all of the presentations have been given you will write a reflection paper (in class) worth 100 points on the research and solution process. You will be given a specific prompt and write your reflection in class.

Grants are available to help you with the EXERCISE component

see the SERVICE LEARNING/SOCIAL STUDIES section of the ASD grants list
1) Social network page/account for your sports team or club
2) Social media project
3) QR codes that link to videos that correspond to the trophies in the cases
4) a web tour of the art in the school
5) help your favorite teacher set up a website for their classroom

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