Personal – blogging digital portfolios in WordPress

A blog is an abbreviated version of the term “Web Log” – blogs have been around for close to ten years and were one of the first ways average people created content for the Internet. Watch this CommonCraft video if you need to learn more about what a blog is and does.


  • Use WordPress to create a professional digital portfolio – follow the template above
  • Your blog needs to be complete through the current unit (Digital Literacy by 10 P.M. on Monday, January 28th. You will then add to the blog following the completion of each subsequent unit.)
  • Your link will be attached in Edmodo.

Guiding Resources:

Learn WordPress – lots of tips, tricks, and essentials

Step-by-step Instructions:

watch this video: on website (slow) or on YouTube (faster, but blocked)

  1. go to: WordPress
  2. check out other blogs to see content, design, etc. (I like this post)
  3. become familiar with the template you need to follow for your digital portfolio
  4. create an account and a new blog – name it something formal/professional
  5. linked to from your Linked In profile
  6. links/image included of quality work from this class and other classes/experiences
  7. reflect on your experiences – again, follow the instructions in the template blog

You are using WordPress to create a digital portfolio of your best and revised work in this class, and for work you are proud of from other classes.

Each assignment for this class (see the examples – you may copy & paste as needed) should have its own post.

Each post should be formatted as follows: PLEASE VISIT THE DEMO PORTFOLIO FOR ADDITIONAL HELP

  1. summary of assignment
  2. embed, upload, or link to what you created to fulfill the obligations of this assignment
  3. which technology standards (ISTE) this assignment addressed (you should plan to copy & paste this information from the sample portfolio blog)
  4. a personal  and professional-sounding reflection on what you learned from creation, revision, collaboration, etc.

Kobayashi Maru: (extra credit)

Make your WordPress blog look like a website instead of like a blog.
I did it in this blog.

Student examples:

Period one:

  1. Alex
  2. Nick A.
  3. Kathryn
  4. Brent
  5. Josh
  6. Taylor C
  7. Nick C
  8. Troy
  9. Emily
  10. Tanner
  11. Dylan
  12. Nick H.
  13. Chelsea
  14. Tavish
  15. Andrew
  16. Briana
  17. Annie
  18. Jake
  19. Annika
  20. Morgan
  21. MaryAnn
  22. Taylor T.
  23. Justin
  24. Garrison
  25. Barrett

Period two:

  1. Mandy
  2. Devon
  3. Jake C.
  4. Tommy
  5. Alex
  6. Chloe
  7. Alison
  8. Lucas
  9. Dakota F.
  10. Jhovani
  11. Gage
  12. Dimitri
  13. Rosie
  14. Dakota M.
  15. Kevin
  16. Aimee
  17. Irwin
  18. Olivia
  19. Brandon
  20. Kelly

Period five:

  1. Logan
  2. Bryce
  3. Antonio
  4. Riley
  5. James
  6. Scott
  7. Andrew
  8. Samantha
  9. Evan
  10. David
  11. Will
  12. Tanner
  13. Jeremy
  14. Kevin
  15. Tucker
  16. Conor
  17. Walker
  18. Riley P.
  19. Brandon
  20. Allison
  21. Leah
  22. Lydia
  23. Calvin

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