Comparison & Contrast

Guiding Resources:


Make your own “Quack SAT” video using found clips, sounds and images.


  • Receive your list of ten vocabulary words from the teacher
  • Find about 4 film clips per word – * each individual clip can be no longer than 20 seconds *
  • Edit the clips together, about 45 seconds to 1 minute per word
  • Overdub to make everything “work” for the words on your list
  • Add titles to show and define the word being taught
  • Check for correct spelling, etc.
  • Add copyright free music – * if you use other music each individual clip can be no longer than 20 seconds *
  • Add credits (like on the Quack DVD example) that properly credit yourselves, the music, and every short clip you used. – Consider the ORIGINAL source, even if you found a clip from a movie on YouTube, you need to credit the original creator of the work – must have the movie title (video title if it is YouTube), copyright date (upload date if it is a YouTube video), and name of the movie studio (user name if it is a YouTube video)
  • Export or Share to YouTube
  • Add the word list to your video description
  • Write a short essay that compares and contrasts your final result with the professional example on the DVD shown in class

Kobayashi Maru:

Intersperse clips from your original Xtranormal video.
Write and perform your own music (rap is okay, but no swearing) for the background.
Add high quality (good lighting, sound, and camera work) clips you film.

Student Examples:


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