Canvas my Campus or Business

Create a prezi that shares with us a story of what makes your future university, college or employer unique:

(adapted from Prezi’s Canvas My Campus contest)

A college campus is more than just a collection of beautiful buildings. It’s more than that favorite bench you always sit on to catch the first rays of spring, or the study table in the back corner of the library you always snag for group meetings.

At its best, a college campus is an inflection point of enlightenment, creative energy, and inspiration–a place where students, professors, researchers, and alumni come together to think big, follow their dreams, and challenge the status quo. It’s that opportunity of discovery–and the incredible stories of the people pursuing it–that make your school unlike any other place in the world.

So show us.

Show us your amazing skills and talents–and those of your friends and fellow students. Show us the professors who inspire and empower you to be the best version of yourself or the incredible researchers who are pursuing groundbreaking discoveries that could impact your life and those around you. Show us the alumni and school leaders who are already helping change the world.

Grab some images, record some video, add some text, and let your creativity run wild. Show us the special things about your school that make you want to climb a mountain, raise your arms in the air, and shout at the top of your lungs, “My college is the best!”

This is your chance. Prezi is your canvas.

1. Research your future college or the business for which you want to work

  • include examples from all of their official social media
  • include examples from all of their official online sites
  • include examples from any unofficial

2. What tone is created by their online and social media presence?

3. Create a Prezi that showcases the college or business and highlights the videos, tweets, or posts that create the tone.

Search for “canvas campus” on Prezi for examples.

Files to help you get started are available HERE.


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